About Larry Scheinfeld

Larry Scheinfeld is one of the co-founders and partners at Zelkova Ventures. Larry concentrates most of his time in working with the current portfolio companies in deciding strategic funding and customer acquisition plans.

Before Larry worked at Zelkova he was a principal and financial advisor for the Quellos Group, a company that worked in hedge, private equity and real asset funds, along with specialty and hybrid offerings. Larry Scheinfeld established the New York office of Quellos and was a member of its Board of Directors until the company was purchased by Blackrock in October of 2007.

Larry presently is on the Board of Directors for the Starlight Foundation, which supplies quality of life programs for seriously and terminally ill children. Larry Scheinfeld is on the board of the Forman School and has made contributions to nonprofit organizations such as the Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia and Parkinsons Foundation, the Eagle Hill School and Cornell University.

Independent of his professional career, Larry Scheinfeld takes pleasure in the Arts, playing golf, and fitness training. Larry Scheinfeld presently lives with his family in Palm Beach, Florida. He and his wife have three children.