About Larry Scheinfeld

Larry Scheinfeld is an accomplished businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is currently the partner and co-founder of Zelkova Ventures, a New York City-based venture capital firm that helps aspiring new companies succeed. Launched in 2008, Zelkova Ventures invests in early-stage technology startups. The company helps young entrepreneurs strengthen their business plans before earning revenue. Often, Zelkova is a startup’s first source of capital. After investing in a company, Zelkova aims to partner with them. More than half of Zelkova’s investments go to startups based in New York City.  

At Zelkova, Larry uses his breadth of knowledge and experience to help new companies develop funding strategies and plans for customer acquisition. As of 2012, Zelkova raised more than $175 million from 37 portfolio companies. Companies such as Fab and Klout, valued at several hundred million dollars, exemplify Zelkova’s success. Larry spends most of his time helping companies such as Rabbit, JIBE, COLOURlovers, Space Monkey, GameChanger, and more portfolio startups that need funding get help in finding their first customers.

In addition to strategy and advising, Larry also offers his clients experience in financial advising and more hybrid offerings. Prior to co-founding Zelkova, Larry served as financial advisor and principal at the Quellos Group. He spent his time there focusing on private equity, hedge, and asset funds. Larry founded Quellos’ New York office and served on the Board of Directors until Blackrock purchased the company in the fall of 2007. Now, the Quellos Group has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London.

When Larry is not working as an investor and advisor, he is an active philanthropist for causes such as terminally ill children, education, Parkinson’s Disease, and more. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Starlight Foundation, an award-winning nonprofit that provides programs to improve quality of life for terminally and seriously ill children and their families. With Larry’s support, the foundation has received accolades such as “Top Rated Nonprofit” between 2011 and 2014, the Child Life Council’s 2010 “Spirit of Giving” award, and the 2014 BritWeek UKTI Business Innovation Award. It’s also expanded its capabilities to be online-based so that members can connect from all over the world.

Larry sits on the Board of Directors for more organizations, such as the Forman School, an institution in Litchfield, Connecticut that helps students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and dyslexia. The Forman School maintains a 100% college acceptance rate and an excellent student to teacher ratio. Larry has also made significant contributions to other nonprofit organizations such as Parkinson’s Foundation, the Eagle Hill School, Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia, and Cornell University.

When Larry is not wearing his business or philanthropy hats, he enjoys participating in sports activities like golf and fitness training. He is also a patron of the arts and men’s fashion, particularly tailored suits and top quality watches. He enjoys researching up-and-coming modern artists and best practices on mental and physical health. Larry resides with his wife and three children in Palm Beach, Florida.