Fossil teased consumers with a preview of their first smartwatch the other day at the Baja East Dion Lee Fashion show series in New York. Following the showcase, Fossil followed through with a blog post highlighting some of the capabilities and compatible software for Fossil Q, Fossil’s new smartwatch.

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The device was designed and engineered by Intel Innovation but it’s not yet verified that they will have a hand in the rest of the design for the series of smartwatches that Fossil is expected to release.

Fossil Q is strapped with a connected bracelet linked to a round, non-display watch that runs Android Wear. The watch doesn’t use an LCD display which may contribute to the lengthy lifespan. Fossil Q could last more than 30 days without a charge, especially with the Intel battery it utilizes. This demo device isn’t too advanced compared to its smartwatch competitors but the main operating system that the watch will be native to when it releases is yet to be determined. But for now Fossil Q operates on both Android and iOS.

Fossil plans to offer their new smartwatch for both men and women, as the band size and color is up to the consumer’s choice.

Fossil’s smartwatch connectivity seems to be the perk to choosing this stylish option. The watch will pair with Fossil’s companion app that will track your activity. The app tracks your steps, calories, manage notifications and gives you access to the active community of Fossil Q owners.

Fossil hopes to keep their fashionable status even with the insurgence of their first technologically centered product. You can expect to see Fossil Q on the shelves during the upcoming holiday season.


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